Adopt a Boston


BTRGH follows the same adoption process for all potential forever homes. We offer an online adoption application and a thorough multi-step screening to ensure that each rescue and adopter are well matched.

The Adoption Process Overview
  1. Applicant submits online application.
  2. Application is reviewed for completeness.
  3. Once all items are fully answered, a volunteer is enlisted to begin processing. References are contacted, and many times you will be contacted directly at that time as well.
  4. Once your application has been processed, it is submitted to the board for review and final approval.
  5. The final step in our process is a pre-adoptive visit with you and/or your family in your home environment to ensure that we are matching up the best rescue for you. A volunteer will contact you to schedule a mutually-convenient time. We are not home inspectors and are not concerned about your home passing a “white-glove” test. We are meeting with you and/or your family to make sure that your home will best suit the rescue’s needs, and we also try to make suggestions and answer questions at that time. This is a “user-friendly” step in our process, and we welcome your questions during the visit.
  6. Finally, you will have the chance to meet the rescues that you are interested in adopting, and will hopefully take home that “special one”!

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this process. Many of our rescues come from the streets or from deplorable circumstances, and we want to insure that their adoptive home is truly their forever home.