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Boston Terrier Rescue Of Greater Houston, Inc. Rescue Dog Adoption Application

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If any of your pets are now deceased, please give name, age at death, and cause of death
Are your pets presently on heartworm preventative? Or if your pets are deceased, were they on heartworm preventative while alive?
If so, please list brand used and how often given
Have you ever lost a pet or had a pet die at an early age or due to accident, injury or unexpected illness?
If so, describe the circumstances surrounding the surrender of your pet
If your pet was given to another person, give that person's name and contact information
Do you own any exotic pets (birds, reptiles, etc.)?
If yes, please list each exotic pet owned and give a description of the pet
Dog sought: Please check your choice:
If there is a specific rescue you are interested in adopting, please list his/her name and please list a second choice as well:
Have you applied to adopt from any other rescue group, shelter or breeder? If so, please state to whom.
(We process all applications in the order that they are received, and many times an application has been approved before the website is updated. To avoid delays in processing your application, please be sure that all questions are completely answered.)
Do you agree to return this dog to Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston if you are unable to keep it for any reason?
Please note that, based on availability, we have rescue volunteers who can many times transport the rescue to his/her new home. We do not allow our rescues to be shipped other than onboard with a person in flight. The charge for this service is $200.00 and is paid directly to the volunteer, who will take the rescue onboard for their flight home.
If you are an out-of-state applicant, please state how you intend to transport the rescue.
INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS MAY CAUSE A DELAY IN PROCESSING. PLEASE BE SURE TO PROVIDE FULL NAMES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS WHERE REQUESTED. WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS, AND MOST OF US HOLD FULL-TIME JOBS. WE ARE NOT PAID FOR OUR RESCUE WORK, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE YOUR APPLICATION IS BEING PROCESSED. WE REQUEST THAT YOU CHECK ON THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION BY EMAIL ONLY. THANK YOU. BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OR DISAPPROVE ANY APPLICATION BASED ON NATIONAL GUIDELINES. PRIORITY MAY BE GIVEN TO LOCAL ADOPTERS, OR THOSE ADOPTERS WHO PICK UP THE RESCUE IN PERSON, TO ALLEVIATE AS MUCH TRAUMA TO THE RESCUE AS POSSIBLE. As a potential adopter, I do hereby certify that all of the information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that if any of the information is inaccurate or incomplete, my application will not be processed. I further understand and agree that if chosen as an adoptive home, I will comply with following conditions of adoption: 1. ADOPTER shall keep BOSTON as an indoor pet, and will provide BOSTON with identification at all times (collar, tag, tattoo or microchip). BOSTON will be kept under control at all times when off ADOPTER'S property. 2. ADOPTER shall keep BOSTON on heartworm preventative at all times for the rest of the BOSTON’s life, and shall provide adequate veterinary care for BOSTON including annual vaccinations, rabies vaccinations as needed, and any other care recommended by BOSTON'S veterinarian. ADOPTER will take BOSTON to veterinarian if sick or injured, or othewise requiring medical attention. If ADOPTER is unable to do so, ADOPTER will notify BT rescue IMMEDIATELY. 3. ADOPTER agrees to notify BT rescue contact of any change in address or telephone of adopter. 4. If BOSTON is lost or stolen, ADOPTER will immediately notify BTRGH contact. 5. ADOPTER shall return BOSTON to BTRGH, if under any circumstances, ADOPTER is no longer able to keep or provide for BOSTON. ADOPTER shall not sell, give, or otherwise transfer BOSTON to anyone other than BTRGH. 6. ADOPTER REPRESENTS THAT NO MEMBER OF HOUSEHOLD HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED WITH CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. 7. ADOPTER shall indemnify and hold harmless BTRGH and its members from any and all loss, damage, or expense. BTRGH does not warrant the temperament or behavior of BOSTON. BTRGH does not warrant the health of BOSTON, but does provide all medical records available. BTRGH is not liable for acts of BOSTON after placement with adopter.
Signatures of all adults residing in household: (please note by typing your name(s), this is the same as your written signature(s)) *